Monday, March 17, 2008

So? here's an update

I'm not very articulate at the moment, I had 2 meetings today, at 17h00 and at 19h00. The second one was the Cemetery Corporation annual meeting and as a member of the church council, I had to be there. smile I did go to please The Friendly Boss (TFB) and because I'm a new member on said church council and also have lotsa time on my hands. lol

My weekend? Well Saturday afternoon, The Tall Friend (TTF) and I worked on The Parish's website, right now we have a blog but we also want a website. I had dinner there with the family. That evening, The Young priest convinced forced me to go to some type of theater performance at the local Baptist-evangelist church. The pastor invited him but he didn't wanted to go without a friend. lol Catholic priest at a baptist-evangelist church, ya know! I was not interested AT ALL, I was very convinced it was going to be boring. lol But he's my good friend, I like him, I went. I don't really like regular theater, I actually do not like it much. They did the performance on Jesus's last supper, each of the apostle was kinda doing a reflection on his relationship with Jesus. It was a "Believe in Jesus, Accept him, Love him or you'll go to hell" type of speech. But their gospel choir was awesome! I mean awesome! I'm not going to convert to them tho not a chance.

Sunday was palm Sunday, I went to mass at 11h00. smile TTF and his family attended too, I also saw The Cute Friend and the monkeys and The Retiree and his wife. I cooked and cleaned and bake for the rest for the day.

This morning at 8h05 the plumber came and fixed my bathroom sink. It took 10 minutes. mrgreen

So the rest of the day I read, relaxed and went to my 2 meetings. I'm now going to go back in bed and read. For the picture of my skirt, I need to have someone take one because my picture sucks and it won't show how pretty it is. I'll try to get one.

Hope everyone's well. ***hugs***


CQ said...

Looks like you had a good weekend! :o) Hey, I tagged you for a meme!

chikku said...

Seems u had a peaceful good week end... great...take care...

chikku :)