Tuesday, November 13, 2007

very fast thoughts on a late tuesday...

Jeez, I'm leaving you all with many guesses about what I'll be writing about eh? lol

Nah, I was at a meeting for The Parish until almost 23h00, I can't say I'm really tired because I'm not sleepy yet..... What the hell? I got up at 5h45 and it's passed 23h00, I'm drained but don't feel it really and not sleepy... I am weird!!! mrgreen TFB and The Retiree made joking references to The Party during the meeting! The Tall Friend laughed with them and I blushed. The rest of the people had no clue what the inside joke was about.lol

I was able to get an appointment to get my flu shot tomorrow evening at the clinic. Thank God!!!! mrgreen

I was thinking of doing "13 things I've never said out loud"for tomorrow TT's. That would be a good idea...

Doncha think? It could be life changing for some to hear these. wink lol

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