Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home at last

It's 23h27, I'm home after a long day (rushed into a quick shower). I went to The Show tonight, it was fabulous if you don't count the many historical errors. I'm glad I went to see it, I'll go back to be an active part of the touristic attractions even if I don't think this is the best show ever. I'm not going to either link it or name it because it wouldn't be fair to said show. It is a fabulous show and I totally get why people from outside of the area just adore it. I work in the business, I freaking know my history and the little details.

Oh, Administrator Friend (AF) , husband of Cute Friend (CF) with 2 boys came to give me a hand at church this afternoon. On his way to go back home, he realises that his 2 tires of the driver side of his car had been slashed, his bumper broken and they used the knife to poke into the car. What the hell? evil He was absolutely furious, upset (he had every right to be), he couldn't believe it. I called the cops for him, he told me he needed someone to help and support maybe to call The Friendly Boss (TFB), I called SW, told her what had just happened and TFB rushed at church to help AF. He couldn't believe it, he was saying to The Mom, TFB and I:
You live a good life, help out people, do volunteer work for your church and teenagers who have nothing better to do, slash your tire and do this to you. Why me? what the hell? This happens, this sucks soo bad.

I had the great pleasure of having MsDM's Dear Niece (DN) visit the exposition this afternoon with her Mother-in-law (a sweet woman), her MIL's sister and a grand kid. I was very happy to see DN, they stayed for at least an hour, I toured with them with 2 tourist. They really liked it, we laughed a lot, went to church's basement, I showed them most of what I usually show visitors. Only because I can't spend an hour with each person. But DN is like family for me, her heritage is in the exposition. Her family is one of the major reason why our parish was flourishing in the past.mrgreen I had emailed her earlier this week to give her the opening hours and told her I'd be honored to have her with her MIL, it was a very great time.

I'm off to relax, I've got to get a book ready for someone about self injury, one of those days, I'll blog about this.

Have a great night! I need sleep, TFB and SW are picking me up at 11h45 AM to brunch, The Young Priest will meet us there. What better to take place on a sunday than spending good time with great people?

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