Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning rambling

It's Monday morning and I'm at work which is totally cool. I'm kinda sleepy but I shall survive. lol

Yesterday afternoon, with the maintenance person and a friend ( he's very tall) we went to church to try to get old fabric banners on the church's ceiling.

Ceiling is about 50 foot from the floor, my friend had to go in the attic, it was a real mess. It did NOT work because someone had cut the banners without asking anyone. rolleyes We tried to hang them but they were about 4 feet too short. So we will tell people they are invisible, but there. mrgreen We did laugh our ass off.

Picture me in the church's sanctuary, the friend in the attic, 50 + foot higher. The way we keept in touch? duh!!! cell phones! lol yup, the connection was very clear. That was pretty amazing. The old banners won't be back. Unfortunately, because we aren't able to make miracle happen, this isn't going to be possible. We wanted to do it for the Parish anniversary and because we are going to welcome cruiseships passengers soon. But whatever!

Saturday I went to mass because I needed to speak with the Parish Priest who's cell phone was shut, but I was able to get a hold of him at church. Not my parish but whatever, I had to speak with him for work business. smile Same day, I rented 2 movies, Shooter and Fracture and both of them were very very good.

I've gotta get back to work. I will write later!!!!

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