Saturday, August 4, 2007

An update

I took a day off yesterday ( I still have vacations time to take) and helped The Young Priest (TYP) to paint his new apartment, shop for household stuff and then spent the evening caring for my friend's kids. I love these little boys soo much. They melt my heart... smile

While we moved TYP stuff from his old apartment, I kept smelling MsDM's scent all over the place. I went to her room, stood there, sad, soo very sad. cry I know she's in heaven, I know she's happy there and I'm still in pain because she's dead. cry I need to talk about it but I don't know where to start. Anyway, it was very difficult to smell the scent and remember the good times we had in that apartment. I miss her very much.

I'm going to take Monday off and the following Friday. TFB told me to take my vacations, that I deserved the time off and to take care of myself. We were on the phone this afternoon for work-related business and he joked and said I was obedient and it's true. I'm a strong spirit, not afraid to speak my mind (not afraid enough mrgreen) BUT when someone I trust is able to show me a better way to do something, I comply because there's no way to get better without changing and learning. So yeah, I'm obedient and this makes me laugh because The Ex Boyfriend would disagree with TFB and I. Hey dude, obedient and submissive aren't the same thing.rolleyes

Tomorrow, I'll meet my friends and their 2 boys to church, we'll go to our favorite place for breakfast, then meet with other friends at their camping place for the afternoon and have dinner with them. This is going to be a cool day. smile

In my prayers today: the little 9 years old girl who's missing in Trois-Rivieres , MsDM's Dear Niece (DN), and my beloved MsDM.

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