Friday, March 14, 2008

Hero of the week...

Nominated for this grand prize, The Tall Friend (TTF) . He's my savior. Here's the story. smile

Calling around 17h40 today
ME: Hi, how are you? I need your help.

Him: What's going on?

M: My bathroom sink is clogged. This afternoon I went shopping and bought Drano. When I got home, I poured it in the drain like it said. It all drank it. I waited 30 minutes for "big problems"read for fucking big clogs as it said on the bottle and ran the water like instructed and shit it's still clogged. I'm helpless, stuck, S.O.S Can you like??? All of that said in a sad and desperate tone.

H: I'm dropping the kiddos at X at 18h15, I'll be there right after.

M: Thanks :::sighs of relief:::

He comes at said time with some tools and starts to work on my fucking bathroom sink. Tries everything, that G*ddamned thing stays clogged. uggh He worked for 45 minutes to an hour.

I call the maintenance man to tell him he will need to call a plumber, TTF explains what he did and what he thinks the problem is. (Either the sewer from the building or the "vent". Anyway, the maintenance guy said he'd call a plumber for Monday. They don't do NON urgent weekend call. I don't care, the rest is working (toilet, shower, I call use the washer/dryer etc, kitchen sink).

He's my hero, on a Friday night, he save me, he's knows as The Tall Friend AKA The Savior. lol It's his week to save us with his knowledge. This week The Friendly Boss (TFB) called because he was having electricity problems (I'm not going to tell the story, don't ya worry Mr. lol) and TTF fixed it and he saved me today. Now, my maintenance person will NOT cuss at me because someone explained that I have nothing to do with the clog. It's not my fault. He saved them a lot of work and tests.

I owe him one. I dunno what I'll do but I'll do something sweet and nice. Maybe bake something or watch the kiddos or something. mrgreen

Then, The Seminarian and I went for a two beer and a coffee at The Bistrot. It was a fun and well deserved evening. Got home, showered, answered some emails for The Parish, emailed TFB about my sink story and I'm not posting it.

So I have a new blog category, "Hero of the Week" and for the first week, The Tall Friend gets the award.

PS: I bought a skirt for The Sister's wedding in May. It's black and white and cute. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I need to get a top, but it's easier to get a black top than to go back and the skirt is not available anymore. The girls at The Store told me to keep the tags on it and the receipt and return it if I find something else. (I only shop for clothes there) The Sister's instructions are a) A dress or a skirt b) Not be dressed all in white (DUH!!!) and c) Cocktail appropriate as her wedding will be held at 11h00 AM followed with a reception. mrgreen The Sister is very fashionable, when I'm done with the whole outfit, I'll email her a picture for approval) lol


Anonymous said...

What a good friend. I'll be waiting for that picture of the super cute skirt!

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'll try for the picture when I get home. :)

Yeah, he's a good friend, I'm lucky. :)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for real friends! Whoo Hoo! He definitely deserves an award.

chikku said...

im waiting to see the pic of your new skirt... i love skirts..waiting for the winter to get over to buy a new one...

chikku :)

Nap Warden said...

I wanna see the skirt:)

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