Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday, I don't have much to say but here's an update.

It's true, I will be pretty boring because I don't have much to say, my life's not so glamorous these days. lol Anyway, I went to the unemployment office this morning, what a humility lesson this was, it was my first time in such office. I felt like shit in the first few minutes but OK after all. Luckily So they will be treating my case in the next 35 days, that's as long as it takes to receive your first check. rolleyes What do people who don't have any money aside do? I guess the system doesn't give a flying shit.

Before I left this morning I called to enroll again to the Province prescription drug insurance, after waiting 15 minutes on hold, I spoke with someone and within 2 minutes, was enrolled again.

I spend most of my afternoon looking at jobs online, I send 3 application for jobs, send an email to a company I send my resume to on Friday to just let 'em know I'm interested in the position and would like to join them.

I also exchanged emails with my former human resources manager at Big Multinational Company (BMC) we are going for lunch tomorrow. As I've said before, that woman is a rock, if I had 50% of her assurance, I'd move mountains. I need to get as confident, I need to have that inner drive. She's an inspiration for me and I told her in a card last week.

Other than that I've got a meeting tomorrow during dinner, I'm on the board of council of a public organisation (how to make and manage a budget conferences and activities for the low income, debts counsel, taxes for people with low income, it's a good organisation) and the monthly meeting is tomorrow. I don't feel like going. If I was listening to myself I would just quit. Anyway this is a volunteer thing. I'm one of the few members of their council. It gives me nothing at the moment. I know, I'm going to shut up and go and pretend to be interested. For some reason I don't feel like giving everyone.

It's not a matter of energy because there's a parish meeting for some members of the church council on Wednesday and I'm interested in going and I know it's important. I just don't care about the other one. I'm mean eh?

Ialso emailed The Friendly Boss (TFB), I wanted to tell him about my day, get news from him and his dear wife, I wanted to vent about the fact that I'm a perfectionist and it's a great thing on the workplace but it's something that's drivin' me batty in my life (intimate). I am so demanding of myself, I'm sometimes my worse enemy. Who here is a perfectionist? Who here is driving herself crazy with that?

What's up with you guys? mrgreen


Lori said...

Hello my friend...well, dont feel bad about the unemployment thing. Most of us, one time or another in our lives, have been there. I told you that I had a boss who was making my life a living hell??? Well, I found a new job and start 2 weeks from today. So, my old boss can kiss my ass as its walking out the door!! Life is too short to be controlled by miserable people. Keep the faith...this too shall pass. Thanks for stopping by. I always love to hear from you:)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Lori, i'm soo glad you found a new job!!! YIPEE!!! You deserved it!!!

You are soo sweet with your words, you are comforting me. :)