Friday, August 31, 2007

What a freaking evening!

I had such a fucking evening, my PAC meeting sucked. You are surprised uh? sad I'm posting a sad face because I hate how these meetings are making me feel. I hate to be a bitch and I hate to be stucked in someone's passive aggressive behaviors.mad

I can't believe how hurt I feel after a meeting that is chaotic and negative. I'm like a freaking sponge. it's like it all gets into me.

What hurts me the most is that people who claim to follow Jesus Christ and preach that The Parish should be a community of "Warm welcome, Celebration and forgiveness" yeah cool words but what the heck do they mean for people who are the one making trouble inside of The Parish? What do these words mean when they aren't followed? How is that not complete and utter hypocrisy?

There's few rotten apples, the majority are good people. Like AF, TYP, TFB and SW and many of those that make the world a better place by being there.

I need to let go, I can only control and change Me, I can't expect anyone to follow my beliefs because they aren't me. Annoying Liturgy lady drove me bonkers tonight and I played her games. mad

On another topic, more positive, the printing project was approved!!! Hurray for us! Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of a long weekend! mrgreen

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