Monday, July 16, 2007

Back on the market!!!

The Boyfriend and I are done, I'm back on the market.

I'm not going to reveal it all, this isn't a place to air my dirty laundry.The FriendlyBoss (TFB) and his Sweet Wife (SW) and I talked about it for the longest time on friday. I wasn't feeling well, my feelings were hurt, I turned to them and I have no regrets I have nothing left to hide from them, there's not much they don't know now. He He He!!! I'm totally cool with this by the way.

It's ok, I'm happy, I'm relieved and finally, I feel free. Dis is all going to work out.I was blessed to be supported, surrounded and reassured by people who care about me and have my best interest at heart. So, this is a PSA, I'm back on the market and I want an easy relationship, something that makes me feel good. No freaks, and by that I mean NO FREAKS!!!

SW said to me:
If you don't feel free, If you don't feel you have wings, If there's no chemistry between the two of you, then NoNonsense girl, he isn't the ONE. Love is about feeling happy, you'll know when you meet Him.

I know she's right, she feels that way about TFB and I see other married couple who live the real deal. And that makes me feel soo freaking good! TFB and SW thanks soo much for everything. You guys rock!


April Elizabeth said...

SW is right about that. You need to feel liek you have wings not tied down.

No Nonsense girl said...

I know she's right april, that woman is wise, she and TFB have been together for more than 30 years and are still in love, they shine like the star in Stardust the movie :-)

jehara said...

i have two friends that have marriages like that. they are definitely shining examples of what a relationship CAN be.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Jehara, I'm glad to hear you know people like this... :) Aren't they a good example?

They are always soo cute together i'm not talking about perfect-cute but respectful, loving and kind... I hope to find someone who will love me like The Friendly Boss loves his Sweet Wife... I fucking hope so...

This gives me hope for my relationship!!!

I'm glad I'm not with The Ex Boyfriend, he wasn't for me, that's for sure!!!!