Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stories from today AND a movie recommendation

At the business place this afternoon, a little back story; the owner is a cool guy, you've got to know him to "get" him. I've made business with him enough in this past year to finally GET his dry wit. lol He's a very busy guy and you have to HARASS him to make him fax you a proposal. I recall earlier this month I called and said

You know, I'm calling like this to give you business, I need you to FAX me the proposal. It's not like you owe me money, I just want to give you work that you claim to want. PLEASE, for God's sake, fax me the freaking proposal. It's been 3 weeks. do you want it or not?

Eh, I like working with The Parish, you guys are great. It's good, now you needed X and Y, what's your fax number again?

Me, rollin my eyes rolleyes It's XXX-XXXX, It's cool I'm waiting on the fax.

Will I get the job?

Me :::dumbfounded:::

You remember that I don't make the decision alone, I only make the suggestion. You are local, your prices are fair, they'll make a smart decision. I'll let you know.

So nice little fella cracked at joke at my partner who totally did NOT get his humor. He told said partner that one of our picture sucked and was ugly, not the color but the picture. He wanted to tell her it was perfect, that she couldn't make a better one but he didn't said that, he said said picture was ugly.

What the hell?

I gave him a mean look, angry eyes and he laughed then looked like a puppy, he was sorry. rolleyes lol After a crisis of doubts, partner wanted start all over and me abut to lose my freaking mind ( SURE DID)

I said to partner "We'll call The FriendlyBoss (TFB), if he's there, we can show him, he'll approve, I swear this is perfect". Then calling and no answer, then I told said partner " That's God's way to let us know this is what He wants", she wasn't convinced, I have NO AUTHORITY or power over her, she just didn't buy it. Guess what we did? mrgreen

Yeah, I looked at my watch ( I had a meeting at 16h00, it was 15h35) and said that we could go to TFB's house, if he's home, he'll tell us what he believes we should do and if NOT it was God's will and we'll sent said project to be printed the way it WAS k?

Thank God TFB was home ( Bless the Lord!!!! ) with SW they both liked the pictures, approved the project, reassured partner, took time to chat a bit. I call back The Store owner, told him to send our project to print, TFB had a little chat with him. lol The crisis was avoided, I had a chance of not losing my sanity forever. Called the office to let them know I wouldn't be there at 16h00 but would arrive shortly, then left and went to the meeting.

I'm soo freaking lucky/blessed, whatever you want to call it to have a boss like him, who has a wife that I have respect and admiration for and that I like a lot. These people rock! Ya know, great and honest and generous people, loving people. Few people like this on this planet, I've got them in my life. God has put them in my life, God's good! mrgreen

I went to see Stardust tonight, it's a must see. It made me laugh, it's very sweet, it has a lot of action. The story melted my heart. smile

I wasn't suppose to go out tonight, after a long afternoon at work, like exhausting, my friend offered to eat out, we went to The Bigger City, I thought we'd go to a nice place lol but we ended up at Tim Horton's (food was good) and he said we could go to see a movie, I tried to say I wanted to go to bed late, to what he laughed his but off cuz I'm a nite owl and we went to see that great movie.

Go see it, it's very good! It's pass 23h19, I'm tired but not very sleepy. Damn it, I work from 8h00 to 19h30 tomorrow and until Saturday!!!! surprised I'll be exhausted. God, help me!


April Elizabeth said...

i CANT wait to see stardust? Have you read the book? the book is FABULOUS!!!! Neil Gaiman wrote it and its a quick read (its like maybe 250 pages total).

glad your plant has survived the week. :-)

No Nonsense girl said...

I'll get the book at the library as soon as I have some free time. i'd love to read it. The movie totally rocks! It really did make me laugh, touched me, I'll never look at stars the same way! ;-)

I'm also glad The Fur baby did not kill it. I can't believe he got fooled by me and DID not realise there was something alive in our living room... Duh!!!

jehara said...

i still have yet to see this movie. i did read the book recently and it was very good. a friend told me that it's different and to read the book first before the movie. i guess i'll have to wait until it comes out on dvd.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Wait and see the movie, it is awesome. It really did melt my heart!!!! :)