Monday, August 20, 2007


My meeting with The Parish Priest (TPP) went well, took less than 10 minutes and we can go on with our four ideas/projects. ::::happy dance:::::

Gave a call to TFB in regards to our projects after meeting with TPP , I asked him if I could speak with SW and I told her how much I appreciate and like her. I think it's important to tell people we love what they mean to us. I'd send TFB an email last night and at the end, asked him to let SW know how much I appreciate her but he hadn't hadn't had a chance to check his emails so I told her myself. SW isn't using the net YET, I really wish she would because she would like it I'm sure and I would email her. mrgreen

Ok, now, I'm getting my ass back to doing what I need to do this morning. biggrin

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