Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A little more on Annoying Liturgy Lady...

lol I was thinking this afternoon and evening while at church that anyone who knows me in real life and that lives in The Parish would know who I was speaking of, this made ma laugh and realise that annoying lady was aggravating many people not just me. lol Yup, I was thinking that if TFB, SW or TYP were reading this, they would instantly know who little Annoying Liturgy Lady is. mrgreen

Guess who came by the church tonight and was surprised not to find me alone and was shocked that I had a ride home? Yup, He came over. Honest to God, I'm not interested and it creeps me out. If he's back for the same reason, don't worry he'll get a couldn't be more direct message of totally NON existent interest.

What's up with men huh? I'll talk to SW about it. wink Maybe she's going to have an answer for me. lol Oh and tomorrow night, there's a meeting of the PAC. Oh my God! It's going to be long and will make me want to drink. lol

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