Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update on The Parish project with nice little fella

Remember Nice Little Fella (NLF)? The deadline for the printing job was tomorrow, I got a call from him this afternoon.

Me: Hello

NLF: Hey No Nonsense girl, this is NLF from Printing X. How are you doing?

M: Good and you?

NLF: good, are you sure?

M: Yeah, I'm sure.

NLF: Are you in a good mood?

M: I was before you called Sure are

NLF: When was printing project due for The Parish?

M: Wednesday, this week.

NLF: When do you need it?

M: Not before next Thursday Tomorrow

NLF: I hope you are in a good mood

M: Why? I could see him come, he was kidding, I was certain.

NLF: Because I have a good news, the Printing project is ready. You can come and pick it up.

M: That's awesome, I'm on my way. But, you'll have to wait for me to meet with the committee, I can't pay right away.

NLF: Sure, no problem, I've never had a problem with The Parish.

M: Thanks soo much, I'm on my way. See ya in a few.mrgreen

So I walked to The Store, it was a very sunny and warm afternoon. I was very a little anxious. What is the job sucked? Who was I going to blame How was I going to explain it? Anyway, The finished Project is beautiful, I'm very satisfied, I told them how happy I was. Can't wait to show TFB and SW when they'll be back from their 2 day-trip. And then we'll present it to The Parish's anniversary committee.

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