Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rambling thoughts from my lunch break

Overheard at the rectory's table at lunch today. The Deacon and I like each other a lot BUT every time we have lunch together, we end up fighting over anything. We debate every time we eat together...anyway, back to our topic

Just so you know, we were discussing Dave Hilton and pedophile in general.

Me- You think I'm such a mean person because I can't stand pedophile but I'll ask SW to come and have lunch with us next Monday and you'll see that most people DO NOT defend them and see them as broken and hurting folks. Most people like me are sick of them making victims because of their freaking perversion. I'll ask SW to come, you'll see I'm not a Meany. We don't want to hurt them, we don't wish any harm upon them.

TD- Even Bush says he doesn't wish harm upon the Iraqi.

Me- Wait are you comparing me to Bush? :::::speechless::::

TD- Well, yes and no!

Me- Are you serious? Bush is killing thousands of people because of his freaking war. Bush is evil. You are seriously comparing me with Bush? WTF???

TD- lol I wanted to say that sometimes even if one doesn't wish harm upon anyone, their actions can do otherwise.

Me- That I agree, but jeez, there's nothing comparable to Bush in my dislike for pedophile.

I need blood pressure medicine, lunch with TD have always been giving me grey hair. I swear, sometimes I think he's doing it on purpose. lol Maybe angry women turn him on or something.mrgreen

I'll ask SW to come and have lunch with us, maybe TFB could come too. We'd have fun. TYP, TD, TFB, SW and I. That would be great!!! cool Anyone wanting to join us?


April Elizabeth said...

ouch... compared to bush....you should have declared war on him, to prove him right. :-) jk

No Nonsense girl said...

That's right , that's what he deserved anyway. :::pfft::: Can't believe he compared me to Bush.

jehara said...

hmm, sympathy for pedophiles. now that's sick.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm with ya girl!!!!