Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help me please!!! Computer geek needed!!!

I've been reading a blog where the writter ( funny and witty) underline and overline her text. I want to do it too. :::pouts:::

How can I edit my freaking HTML? Honest to God, I can't find it. I've Google, tried to understand and I can't.

Help me, help save my sanity and get back to work. Help please! I just want to underline and overline my text.

Pretty please with a cherry on top? Wolverine? Apostle of computer geekness? Anyone up to rescuing a beautiful young woman? wink


Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the linky love!

To do the strikethrough, put < s> (Without the space) before any text you want to cross out and < /s> (without the space) after any text you want to strike out.

All the underlining I do on my blog is for links and it does it for me automatically. But, I think the you replace the s with a u above.

Good luck!

No Nonsense girl said...

Nice to meet you too shauna.

I tested it and it works!!! Wow, that's awesome!!!! I know I needed a genius. ;)

You are welcome for the link, your blog is a must read.