Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SQ Believes Cedrika Is Still Alive

From this article:

The Surete du Quebec believes nine-year-old Cedrika Provencher is still alive, three weeks after being kidnapped. The detective in charge of the investigation tells the Journal de Montreal that credible witnesses have called saying they've seen her, adding police have nothing to suggest she's dead. A fourth little girl has come forward saying she too was approached by a man looking for a dog just before Cedrika disappeared. Her description has confirmed other information police have, helping them to target their man. They still have not revealed a composite sketch of their suspect, though.

I can't find a better article in English, all the recent ones with pictures are in french.

Cédrika Provencher
Born : August 29, 1997
Height : 152 cm - 5'
Weight : 32 kgs - 70 lbs.
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown (red highlights)
Age (at the time of disappearance) : 9 years old

Cédrika was last seen at the corner of Descheneaux and Chapais Street in Trois-Rivières by two women who said that she was looking for a small dog for an unknown person. She was last seen wearing a green sundress, a red bikini underneath her dress, green flip-flops, a blue and black lanyard of Star Academie with a red key and a white key (ladybug) and a black watch with a pink contour.

For any information 1-800-659-4264

PS: I hope no one is getting annoyed at my constant blogging about Cedrika. This kid is missing, it's breaking my heart. It could be mine, it could be yours.cry

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