Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keep that moron locked AKA Dave Hilton is back in jail

Dave Hilton Jr is back in jail after breaking the condition of his early release at the halfway house where he has to reside. He was convicted by a jury of sexually assaulting his two daughters for a long period of time.

That fucking asshole didn't respect his conditions and disappeared for 3 days. evil

Former professional boxer Dave Hilton Jr. may be heading back to prison for failing to live up to a condition of his release that he reside at a halfway house.

A warrant for his arrest had been issued after he failed to return to the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve residence Friday. He is expected to be arraigned today where a judge will decide on his sentence.

He was out of prison after serving two-thirds of a seven-year sentence he received in 2001 for sexually assaulting his two daughters when they were minors. The final third of his sentence was to be served in the community, under supervision and with conditions similar to full parole.

I wish they had the gut to keep that moron behind bars for the rest of his sentence, that is January 2009.

From this article:
The National Parole Board expressed two concerns about Hilton's early release in a letter dated May 10, 2006 — that he always maintained his innocence and that he remained romantically involved with a woman in contact with two minor girls.

What the hell? I'm sorry, you know how I feel about pedophile and rapists. evil What more does the National Parole board need? That he abuses other girls? That he escapes again? Keep that fucking pervert in prison for the rest of his sentence. I said, for the rest of his sentence, not the rest of his life. I do not wish harm upon them, they just sickens me.

Don't send me nasty emails because as a christian, you think I should love him. Because there's nothing you can say that will change my feelings towards sexual offenders.


Anonymous said...

To the Weak-Minded pathetic idiot that wrote Keep that moron locked AKA Dave Hilton is back in jail....

First of all you fucking moron...Don't believe everything you read & take it as the bible as most rag-mags would have you perceive as the truth when in actual fact it's fuckin' frogs or fruity ass frenchman who have a personal vendetta against a man who lives in Quebec who just happens to like speaking english more...Also, getting back to the shit you wrote...What your dumbass opinion forgot to mention is that this boxing champ has money and there was other sneaky under-handed pre-determined motives that made his "so-called daughters" ( NOT) look so innocent & hurt when in reality wasn't the case at all..Money & deception here fuckface...I suppose you thought Tyson so-called raped that beauty pageant girl too???? The fuckin' whore shows up at his hotel room in lingerie at 2 in the morning & wants sex..She got what she wanted but when Tyson was done with her & didn't walk to the door she fealt Cheap & like the skank she was, so she calls it Rape??? Hilton was just as guilty as that as Lee Harvey Oswald was of Killing JFK...Open up your fuckin' eyes to deception & Bullshit...STOP reading & believing everything you read..and Oh yeah..If ya didn't know this shitface, A man pretty much has his nuts in a sack anyhow whether he's guilty or not when it comes to what a woman says that he did in almost ANY court where ever you live?? It's a known fact that They usually take the woman's word over us in more than most cases...Do your fuckin' homework before you write a very defamation of character implication like that !!! I hate pedophiles & those scumbags too..I'd like to see those type get a bullet in the head at close-up range like us all...But Dave hilton is far from what you were calling him...

No Nonsense girl said...

Wow, someone close to the Hilton family (or his defender) who calls me a "fucking moron", "a weak pathetic-idiot".. etc..

whatever... you are just convincing me of writing more articles about this pervert, this incesteous deviant.

By the way, I have read the court transcripts, so we're not talking about "rag-mags" which I don't read. If you had read a little more of this blog, oh dear lost soul, you would for sure see that I have wrote about very few case in the news, this blog isn't about this, it's about someone's journey through LIFE in a CHURCH she doesn't agree with everything...

BTW, the right to say NO to a man, anytime, anywhere is very important and should prevail... YES I believe Tyson raped that girl...

You seem really angry? What's your issue? You can't be angry about sexual abuse that much without having an issue of your own, either you are in Hilton's family or someone close to you was accused falsely (because that DOES happen). BUT that doesn't mean that all girls, women are liars.

BTW, I don't know where you live, but, you're fucking wrong, they don't believe (Cops and D.A.) every complaint they get EVEN IF THEY ARE TRUE.. some of them, remain unpunished and the pedophile is free and abuse other kids...

As for defamation, hilton was found guilty of incest on Anne-Marie and Jeannie Hilton http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/boxing/news/story?id=2872638

There isn't anything is what I wrote that was defamatory. and By the way, I don't know why you are saying his "so called daughters" (NOT), Jeannie and Anne-Marie were Dave Hilton's biological daughter..

Anyway, if you were accused of a crime you didn't commit, I am truely sorry for you but please, I'm not calling you names, have the respect for me not to resort to name calling.

I would have deleted your comment but I figured you needed to talk about it.