Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rambling thoughts or It's better to be alive than dead!

Nothing new in the Cedrika Provencher case, she is still missing, cry I was talking with a co-worker this week about it and almost lost my cool.

Said co-worker, a great man of faith, a deacon, was saying that his hopes that Cedrika is still alive has faded, he thought she was already dead OR that she was sold to human trafficking circle as a sex slave. And told me that if she'd been sold for sex trade/human trafficking/slavery, it was almost best to be dead because she would be scarred for life if found today.

What the fuck?

Since when being dead is best? Yeah, if she'd been raped, injured and tortured she would need help, But It's always fucking best to be alive than dead! Said coworker was telling me how sexual abuse victims keep lifelong consequences of the past abused, yeah but they still have a life. Life is possible after sexual abuse, yeah life is. I'll be damned if some dude who has NO FREAKING clue will lecture me on the hopes for a better life in sexual abuse survivor's life.

I hope nothing happened to Cedrika but if she were to be found alive after days of abuse, she would survive, she would be alive. As long as there's life, there is HOPE.

Women and men have survived sexual assaults since the beginning of the world and will still do because human nature is resilient. There is NO need to give up on anyone. I can't believe someone would believe that. Honestly, I was like " Are you serious?

You know Jessica Lunsford went missing and later she died when her killer buried her alive after abusing her for 3 days, but you know what? This beautiful 9 years old child would have been better off alive. She would have survived this terrible ordeal. I'm sure her daddy would want her alive. Because as long as there is life, there is hope.

Pedophile, child killer, pervs make me sick, I wish we'd find Cedrika Provencher. cry

But co-worker, please for God's sake, when someone is sexually assaulted, their life changes but they DO NOT die. evil

What do you think?

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