Saturday, February 23, 2008

Posting before going to bed

I'm getting my butt ready for sleep, I'm pooped.

This morning I had a long talk with The Cute Friend, my friend and former co-worker at Big Multinational Company. We had a lot to catch on, I told her about my college application, she told me all about the company at the moment and you know I'd miss her a lot. Because when you work together, you kinda lose the closeness of the friendship without losing the feelings that are still present, but because you are at work and are two professionals, you act like co-workers, not friends (If that makes sense). She is one awesome person, let me tell you. I would vouch for her in any situation.

Then I went for coffee with The Mother, we had a nice time, it was cool. We went to The Coffee Place, talked and it was fun. I needed a keyboard to use with my MacBook so The Father sent me a keyboard, which was very very nice.

I need to learn the professional typing method. (required in my college program) So I'm following a course on the computer (Ten thumbs typing tutor) and with this USB keyboard, it's going to be easier for me to practice than on the laptop using their little keyboard. mrgreen I have the whole year to learn this but I'm a perfectionist, so you know I'll want to master it before. I actually started to practice Wednesday morning after my meeting where The Tall Friend and The Friendly Boss "pushed" me to get myself to do it. I say "pushed" because they were very nice about it and their opinion matters to me a lot.

This afternoon when I got back home, I cleaned and cleaned and tidied up the spare bedroom so I can eventually do my office there and be more organized.

I spoke a while with The Passionate One in the evening and watched TV and visited blogs.

I hope your Saturday was well, mine was great... I still have lots of things to work on for the parish because we've got a meeting on Monday night.

Bye my lovelies!


Vixen said...

Hope you Sunday and now your Monday were great! I tagged you...

Poetikat said...

Big congrats on getting accepted to college. Who is "The Passionate One"?

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks vixen :)

Kat, The Passionate one is a friend of mine. :)