Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Insane day and more to come

I had a crazy busy day, I worked late and I'm just pooped. I went to The Coffee Place to buy a coffee and a muffin at 16h30, the girl asked me which coffee I wanted I told her "anything that'll kick my butt, I'm soo sleepy". redface

I'm not going to bed past midnight tonight, I can't do that, I'll be dead tomorrow, so I'll try to catch a good 7 hours of sleep, then pray that I rest.

I went to visit MsDM's friend at the retirement home, brought her the Virgin Mary's pin that was MsDM before, she was happy, she said I was an angel. She made me promise to thank MsDM's Dear Niece for her and to tell her she'd be in her prayers. I did keep my promise, and I sent DN an email when I got home.

I had a beer when I got home and it kicked my butt, for real? a beer, that's weird.

Anyway, off for a long marathon of 3 intense day at work. I can do it, I can do it.

I better be able to and give my full self to the visitors (Who, BTW will come)

mrgreen I'll write in the morning beofre I leave! I hope your day will rock!!!!

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