Monday, September 24, 2007

God's ways are mysterious...

Ugh!! They are!!! What do you believe?

In June, I sent my resume to Big Multinational company at the request of Cute Friend who works there. She says they need someone like me. No answers, nothing. In august they do the process AGAIN, I freaking sends in my resume because I believe I have a chance. No answer so, I let go and let God as they say.But actually believe, screw them, I'll do something else, I'm not due to do this,

Guess who called this afternoon? Yup someone from Big Multinational company asking me to give them a call tomorrow. They have questions for me. That's the weirdest thing, you let go and things happen. I'll call but I'm still pretty flabbergasted that they are calling now. This confuses me, is this God's way of showing me to a right direction for me? Is this meant? Should I go to school? Now, before you guys email me to cuss at me because I'm hesitating, know that I'll call, answer whatever question they've got, go for an interview and work there if they offer a job. It's messing with my head because I've went to "I need to work there" to, "oh, that would be nice but I know I can do good anywhere". If that makes any sense! smile

This afternoon I finished my final paper, now it's being reviewed by The Passionate One and I'm hoping this will all be printed and OK ed by the end of Wednesday.

I've rubbed my right eye with uncleaned hands and it's having some type of reaction. rolleyes It's all my fault!!! lol

Ethan at Gentleman Gigolo answered few of my question. Go visit him. mrgreen


julia said...

I wonder about that sort of thing myself, and I'm 20 years older than you. And I've even been thinking over it a lot, all that time.

Am I supposed to let God know how much I want something, as in making a super sales pitch? Or am I supposed to let go of the rudder and let Fate steer? Haven't really had a definitive answer on that one.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hey Julia!

I think most of us do wonder about this A LOT. I don't think there's a definate answer.

I know that when things work by themselves, when I feel I'm at the right place, that the stars are lining for me, it's because I'm well in His plan. It's a matter of faith I think.

The good thing about the prospective job is that because I let go and said "God, may it be your will, not mine", it's helpful because I'm detached a little more.

I think we can let him know how "much" we want something or someone but in the long run, we don't decide, in my opinion anyway.

This is very complicated. Fate and God's ways are mysterious, where one stops and the other starts?

Mr. Devereux said...

Thanks for adding me here. That was aweful kind of you. Who would have thought our two blogs would meet?!

No Nonsense Girl said...

You are right, that's because we are all "related" in a way.

You are welcome for the link!!! :)

jehara said...

i have to say that i have experienced this phenomenon A LOT in my life. as soon as i truly let go of something, whether it be an idea, thought, hope, wish, person, etc. almost immediately IT happens. it's so weird! so i try to remember to let go when i feel myself clinging for dear life. not always easy though. the universe sure has its mysteries. another thing to appreciate about life.

No Nonsense Girl said...

It totally makes sense for me what you are saying girl!!!

Letting go is a very amazing phenomenon, it makes the difference as to our perception. I know I'm always repeting the same thing but perspective's everything.Letting go helps...