Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Thanksgiving and we don't celebrate it here...

I'm sorry, I can't explain to you why it's not celebrated in this french part of Canada. wink The Cute Friend and AF are celebrating BUT he's an anglophone. lol So not the same thing. I am getting close to my thirties and have never celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving other than "being thankful" for stuff. mrgreen

Anyway, I did spent the day with TFB and SW, we had work to do for The Parish, we did it. Had lunch together and it was very nice. So I was in a thankful mode today, especially in the past weeks. We laughed a lot, it always feels good, whatever we all do. It's Thanksgiving and I would just like it be known that I appreciate each and every person/good things in my life. I'm thankful to be alive, happy and to be looking forward. That's it!

So I didn't get any news from Big Multinational Company because it was a holiday in here. I'm ready though, whenever they'll call. People around me are ready too, they support me 100%.

I'm trying to understand what the hell's wrong with my Beta Fish. I did almost kill it by putting a glass plate on the bowl to keep Mr. Cat from eating it. rolleyes He's kind of a killer! Doing this I kept oxygen from going it, so you imagine how healthy he was? SW said "Girl, that wasn't really wise, you were kind of killing it slowly!" wink I know Hun, I know...

Overheard in the living room 30 seconds ago: "Nope Dude, we DO NOT kill members of the family. Fishy is a member of the family as you are. WE DO NOT KILL IT! Don't go there! Nope!!! How many times am I going to repeat this? What the hell? Will he kill it while I sleep? I hope not but then again, what can I do? Mr. Cat only listens to Mr. Cat. I adore him, he's my fur baby but he's stubborn.

So that's my day, my update. How was your day? What did ya do? Have any idea on what to do with the Beta fish? confused


julia said...

I had no idea that Quebec didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. You see the Two Solitudes - in action. I'm an anglo, but as a Canadian you'd think I'd know that, somehow.

Ah, well - c'est la vie.

Can you put the fish way high up near the ceiling overnight, or is it in a tank that you can't move?

The Gal Herself said...

I'm worried about your fish, too, because Mr. Cat is going to forever only listen to Mr. Cat. However if Fishy meets an unfortunate demise at the hands (paws?) of Mr. Cat, know it's not your fault. Those felines can be very crafty when it comes to getting what they want.

And be sure to let us know when you hear from The Big Multinational Company!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Julia,

Yeah, francophone and anglophone are two different culture eh.

It's in a little bowl that I can move, the problem is that Mr. Cat goes everywhere, he climbs everything. So there's no "untouchable" place to put the fishy.

No Nonsense Girl said...


The only "positive" thing I can think of is that Mr.Cat doesn't have claws in his front paws. I'm thinking it'll make it more difficult to catch it.

He didn't murder it while we slept because I hide his bowl behind a plant and a candle. That was wise!!!

I'll let you know for sure when I'll hear from BMC.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Can you put Mr. Betta up where the cat can't get to him? A small shelf or something?

Mr. Cat has to follow his instincts. That's why we never brought home the preschool pet guinea pig for the weekend...

No Nonsense Girl said...


there's nowhere in the whole appartment he can't access. Believe me, I've tried to "hide" things from him many times.

The thing I'll do everytime I'll leave or go to bed is hide the bowl behind the plant on the book shelves.

I know Mr. Cat only follows his instinct. He's not purposly trying to be cruel. ;)

I'm trying to find Fishy a new home. I've offered SW to take him but she's already stuck with one plus they've got a kitty too.

Ah la vie!!!

Vixen said...

We have a beta tank that has a lid on it.....It is a little special one with a pump so Fishy can live in harmony with Mr. Cat. The lid also doubles as protection from little toddler fingers!