Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life has strange ways to teach us...

I say Life, but you can insert "God" or "The Universe" or whatever suits best your beliefs (or lack thereof). I was answering a friend's email late this evening (I was in a meeting until 22h45) and it dawned on me that I finally let go on the job. Dude, that's great!! Whatever happen, I did everything I could, put my heart into it. You know, I thought I'd let go on Friday but this evening was the final straw that resolved and put my mind at peace/ease and it helped my act of letting go.

There are people who I believe are put on your road for a reason. I've always believed this, but every time something happens to make me *remember*, it makes me smile. It's like the wink of God! mrgreen Tonight was one of the nights I realised it all over again. Do you know what I mean? Does any of this relates to any of you?

I did email the person back not long ago to say

"Thank you so much, what you said helped a lot, it eased/reassured something in my unconscious because I've let go, and it was time to. You've got a way to speak to me that makes me *get* what you mean and move on. You've got it! I don't know why or how, but you do. You always are able to reach me to the level needed. You get through me so easily, just that, by itself alone is something good."

Dude, I'm a Work In Progress. So that's my update, my own little slice of life. Other than that I was in a meeting all evening and before that, had dinner with a friend. What are you up to? How's your week? Come on, let me know! mrgreen


Open Grove Claudia said...

I absolutely believe that. The people I meet usually have something to teach me. I'm grateful for every one, every lesson - even if it's tremendously painful.

That's where I am not in my life. Holding my broken heart for strength, I'm moving out into the world with the faith and courage that all will be well.

Candy said...

LOL... I think I'm something of an expert on "letting go". I used to hold on to people and to events in my life that were alreadly lost to me but I learned. And continue to learn and struggle to just let go.

By the way, I put my T13 up early! :o)

No Nonsense Girl said...


I'm with you, though lesson to learn sometimes but you grow soo much. Everything that happens has a purpose, a reason and if you try to learn instead of being letting it overwhelm you, you will learn a lot about yourself.


Keep the faith and strenght that in the end, everything WILL get better and that you will succeed and grow. :) Life is a journey!

No Nonsense Girl said...


I know what you mean, I use to do the same and it took me nowhere. Wisdom comes from experience. We make the choice to learn or not. Some people will never learn anything from their experience because they just don't wanna.

I'm glad I have people in my life that can help me to work on myself and be a better version of MYSELF.

I'm going to check your TT, can you believe I haven't done mine yet? OH fuck.

See ya later!!!