Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Amazing sunday!!!!

and this is an understatement, the day was absolutely magnificent. mrgreen The visitors were awesome, the weather was nice. We had so many people at The Church, unbelievable. I'm filled with the energy from these meetings.

TFB, SW and I were there all day long and we didn't relax, we were busy ALL day. With over 400 visitors, we needed to be a good close team. biggrin People at our chapel in the basement of the funeral home were great with the visitors we sent for the 11 AM mass. They had a welcome message in English, part of the homily translated by Cute Friend , and 3 active member of The Parish took the visitors back in our part of the town, back near the pier. Instead of making them walk the 2 mile or call a cab, they just offered to drive them. I'm so freaking proud of them, they showed the visitors what a parish, what a christian is suppose to be about. Which is kindness, warm welcome and attention, friendship and taking care of each other. smile I've already called each of them to say thank you and it was appreciated. As the one in charge of the parish's participation to the cruise ship, I had to call and say "thank you and I'm so proud of you, thanks for being generous of your time and opening your heart". smile

Yeah, I'm big on saying "Thank you" because I think it's important to say those things. Life is too short not to take it to let people know how you feel about them. Sorry for being so preachy tonight, I'm energized! redface Duh!!! lol

But at The Church, it was non-stop visits with the people. Two of our friends (with whom we had dinner that night ) came by The Church and we had a nice time and laughed a lot. He is really funny, I can't recall exactly what made me laugh my ass off but with them, I had a moment where I had to go and hide in a confessional because I was laughing my ass off. lol I'm sure you know by now that I'm a very happy person who likes to laugh, so imagine when I'm in good company.mrgreen

I'm very tired, exhausted but thrilled and full of energy. We went to The Parish's office to drop a few things and I picked the last personal items I had there. It was bittersweet!

I'm going to leave you on that! Love and hugs!!! smile


Buttercup said...

Glad you had a great weekend!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Buttercup, I was reading your blog yesterday. :) I'll link you to mine.

I'm happy about the weekend too, there's time that will forever remain in our heart as treasured memories and this weekend is one of them. :)