Sunday, October 7, 2007

Local people are aggravating...

Yeah, they are. I swear, I've answered way too many stupid questions today. I 'm ashamed of the rudeness of some people. rolleyes

Would you take a dog inside a church? Now, if you're a blind person it's fine, but a fucking chiwawa. Would you? Would you ask the girl at the door? Who the hell brings their freaking dog inside? And she wasn't happy that I said "no".

Would you come inside a church and drink 4 coffees? and put your garbage inside of the little basket where the cups of milk are? The fucking garbage can isn't big enough?

Would you yell at the girl at the door step that there's no more fucking forks/spoons to eat the free cake? rolleyes

Would you touch everything and ask me if each of the freaking 100 items are free? There's a price list, each item also has a little sticker. Honestly, each of them? Give me a fucking break.

Would you argue with the girl at the door that you've seen the exposition in the years before and when she tells you that it was made This year for the Parish Anniversary, would you still say you've seen it last year?

Get ready for the next one it's fucking hysterical... Where's the exposition? It's in the vestry but you can't go now because there's baptisms going on. Her looking at me like I'm a dumbass. Baptism in a church? yeah, it's what it's for huh? I'm sorry ma'am, but yes, we do baptise babies here. smile

You are going to try to speak English? I will Sir, I speak both. You do HUH? looks at me and point the whole fucking time I'm with a visitor.

One lady yelled and cussed at me because we sold blessed items. Back in her days, blessed items were to be given, not sold. She was arguing that I should give them to her. Whatever!!!

Many parishioners came for the 8 am mass and argues with me that I was in fact mistaken, that there would be a mass at 8h00. I apologised and explained that it was announced that there wouldn't be one. That the only one was the 9h30 AM with The Bishop. Two of them whatever me and left

Please, feed your child before a baptism, or at least make them understand that harassing the girl for coffee and cake is rude. No means NO!

Whatever, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!!! I didn't say it, I just thought about it.

Overheard at The Church, me to my EX EX Boyfriend. "I'm so thankful that you didn't make any babies years ago. Thank God!"

The visitors were sweet, we had more than 400 of them. They were nice, happy to be in town, happy to be welcomed. The problem were the local people. The Bishop was awesome, he introduced the mass in both french and English, chatted with visitors.

mrgreen So that's my update. I'm pissy, I am totally pissy. The local people totally aggravated me. I looked annoyed too. lol But other than that, I'm fine. I swear, I don't bite. wink


Candy said...

Hahaha... I don't blame you for being pissed. I would be, too. "Baptism in a church?" Maybe she thought she was someplace else, LOL! :o)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Candy,

Yeah, I was pretty pissed yesterday. I got over it now. ;) I would have believed she maybe was mistaken if she hadn't been local. And our church looks like a church. It's not a chapel in a building. It definately looks like a church.

People are strange! :-D

Open Grove Claudia said...

Poor you. It sounds awful. And it's not like you are grocery checker. You can't just holler at them!

No Nonsense Girl said...

You are right Claudia, I can't just holler at them. (Not that I don't refrain from doing so) ;)

Local people can be so rude. uggh!!!

Joyismygoal said...

ha oh dear what a long day, so sorry,People can be soo... inane i hope you hear soon about your job soon

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks Joy for the good thoughts about the job!!! Can't wait either...

And on the fact that people can be aggravating and inane, yeah, I know. Like I told a friend, they helps us grow our patience, our tolerance and our love for strangers. ;)

Have a great evening!!!