Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Super duper tuesday!

I'm sorry, I have no interesting title for this blog entry. lol I'm listening to a CD of "Les grandes Gueules", TFB had a copy and we listened to some of it today and I left with the CD to listen and laugh at home. I had him listen and watch to Drew Barrymore's SNL skit about the job interview. And we laughed. I promise I won't be that silly on Thursday.

I spend the day at TFB and SW's house, I was at the office until 9 AM and left after. I did work. mrgreen And helped out dear friends. cool

I went to my hair dresser at 16h15, she did a good job. I wanted to look my best for my interview. If my stupid breakout face would get the hell away, this would help. mrgreen I'm stressed out but for fuck's sake, I need to sleep tonight. This morning I offered The Tall friend's wife to watch her kids while she was going to parent-teacher night, when I left my hairdresser, I called her and asked if she needed me and she did. They were sweet, I love them. mrgreen

So I'm a little tired, I need to try to rest. Later guys!!!


Mr. Devereux said...

Merci, je vous ai apprécié Français parlant. Est-ce que voulez-vous que je vous séduise en français ? Ou peut-être nous pouvons parler français tandis que nous faisons l'amour ?


No Nonsense Girl said...

Yeah, Ethan. Aren't we cute eh? :)

À la prochaine!