Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well the day's over at least!

It is and I did everything I had to do except calling my answering machine to check messages after 11h00 AM. for sure, I usually check my fucking messages 10 times a day and it's never worth it, or very rarely. The day I'm swamped enough not to check them. I should have. Murphy's law huh?

Big Multinational company left 2 messages to move my interview an hour later. When I got the message it was almost 18h45, no one was there. So, I have agreed to it and left them my cell phone number if there's anything. The thing is that I don't leave my number on my resume because it's not always on, there's no point of giving it to people if you aren't using it all the time eh? So, I've got one more hour to send in news releases or The Parish. Yup because we are doing press releases to publicize the closing of the Parish Anniversary and I'm in charge of this and I've gotta contact journalists and media folks to try to convince them to show us, give us an interview or something.

I've got one more hour tomorrow morning to stress out, to be anxious. At the Church this afternoon I was soo freaking stressed out that I would have given a lot for a hug. but not from visitors nor strangers, I have my lines

So yeah, I'm on freaking needles and pins. Anyone volunteering to be the one to give me a hug mrgreen. I need to sleep tonight, I'll take something to help because I NEED to sleep.

Whacha going to do tonight? TT anyone?

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