Tuesday, September 25, 2007

update on God's ways are mysterious...

I had a phone interview at 8h00 this morning, for about 15 mins, I expected all the questions, I was ready, I was good. I'm going for a face to face interview Thursday in the morning. I'm just stressed, thrilled and uh, stressed!!! lol I can't believe His ways are that mysterious, I'm just unbelievably shocked that I let go and let God and uh, it's actually working. lol

I need to get back to work!

Later alligators!!!! mrgreen


Mr. Devereux said...

Well arnt things looking up for you! Congrats to you! Dont show too much cleavage at your interview and make sure to clean behind your ears. If you need a pep talk beforehand, give me a ring! *wink*

No Nonsense Girl said...

LOL about the cleavage, I won't show any altho I've got a nice one. ;)

I'll wear a button up blouse probably green (3/4 sleeve) or deep burgony with black chic pants. Gold earings with a regular necklace. No boobs, no ass, regular straight heals (1 and a half inch) and a purse.

This is a job inside Big Multinational Company, the only contacts with clients is on the phone.

Thanks for the support Ethan!!!