Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Sunday and I'm working...

Yup, I'm working on my final paper for The Parish, it includes everything I have done over the course of my contract. I still have a week to finish it but because I'm anal about doing it to the perfection a perfectionist and like not to freak out at the last minutes, I've been working on it all afternoon. It looks good. mrgreen

I met with TFB and SW for late breakfast, it was fun, we laughed a lot, talked about politic, religion (debated the future of the catholic church lol), The Parish, school (the program I want to do). I told SW the Paul Davis's story and we laughed, they both know Coffee Buddy and love her a lot, she is a sweetheart. We had a nice time, don't we always?

I've been on the phone on and off while working on my paper. The Psych Nurse and I talked, we miss each other, she works, I work. She wanted me to go shopping Friday but there was a cruise ship in town so I couldn't take time off. The Photographer phoned me at least 5 times all of this without me stopping what I was doing.

That's my pretty mellow update, I'll continue working on my final paper, shower, then get ready for tomorrow. My house is clean, everything's fine.

The only issue I have is with my cat, he's just being an odd ball. I woke up to him biting the hell out of my arm, so as a good cat mommy, I went to checked if he had food, fresh water and he was fine. rolleyes He had no reason to bite me but sometimes he's a brat. He's my brat, I adore this cat, he's just a little weirdo but so am I. mrgreen Do you have any fur baby? Do they have little mental issue or quirks? lol

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