Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holy crap!!! AKA I received an odd phone call

Phone rings 5 minutes ago (It's freaking 22h41) I'm wondering who's calling this late. I mean I don't have phone calls that late unless there's an emergency.

Me: Hello
Unknown Male: Hi sweetie
M: HUH? Hey...
UM: What are you doing? Watching a movie?
M: Thinking Who The Hell is it??I'm Er, Who's this?
UM: It's me
M: You who? Who's this again?
UM: It's the cute guy you were speaking of
M: (Actually thinking of cutie pie but it's impossible, didn't give him info on me, he works on a cruise ship.) Who are you?
UM: You don't know? I saw you this morning?
M:What the fuck? I only went out to return empty beer cases, didn't see any guy No, seriously Who's this???
UM: It's Steve
M: Steve... Who?
UM: You mean you are not Lise?
M: Lise? What the hell? Nope dude, I'm not Lise.
UM: I'm soo sorry ma'am. I must have dialed the wrong number. I'm soo sorry!
M: It's okay, I hope you find her.
UM: Ma'am, I'm sorry.
M: It's fine. Bye!!!

lol Seriously, I was thinking "I am crazy? Did I meet with someone today? Huh? I'm not drunk, didn't had any alcohol, and I don't do drugs. What the heck?" Poor guy felt bad, I wasn't offended, just had a "WTF" moment. lol


jehara said...

how embarrassing for him! LOL! these are the moements that make life life.

No Nonsense Girl said...

yeah poor him, that was odd for me but embarassing for him... :-S