Friday, September 14, 2007

Are you related to Paul Davis?

lol This has been our running gag at the office. This summer The Parish hired a secretary for a maternity leave replacement. The new girl is adorable, she's sweet, nice and fun to work with. She's my coffee buddy!

This summer, a man calls and has her prepare a certificate of baptism. Fine thing, his name is X Davis. She tells me "I wonder if he's related to Paul Davis, confused Who knows.... When he comes to pick up his certificate, silly me says

"I was wondering something, are you related to Paul Davis?" He looks at me like I've got 3 heads and 7 arms and says "Paul Davis was a Gagnon"lol

My coffee buddy was hysterical in the vaulting room, she was laughing her ass off because I asked the guy.

redface I didn't know, I wasn't born in Paul Davis's days. lol So since the incident, this is a running gag, she calls me "Miss Davis", she passes calls to my office saying it's Mr Davis, anyway, we laugh a lot because of my "dumb" question. mrgreen Yesterday, my coffee buddy tells me that she *knew* Paul Davis wasn't a Davis but he was a Gagnon but that she had a brain fart. lol

Do you have running gag at your office? Please, tell me some ! mrgreen

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