Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The morning coffee routine

I'm a routine type of person, I swear I'm not against change but if I feel comfortable in something and satisfied, there's no way I'll change it.

There's a new girl at the office, she's been replacing someone for her maternity leave. She's very sweet. We have developed a morning coffee routine.

Every morning, I make coffee and then pass by her office ( except yesterday when I forgot) to let her know that the coffee's ready and we go to the kitchen to pour ourselves a cup. mrgreen

This morning I'm yawning, I'm soo sleepy, it's not even funny. But the coffee's strong and good and it's helping me not to go lay on a bed and snooze... Yeah, The Parish office are in the rectory, there are rooms with beds...

I have an appointment with my hair dresser after work... Oh, I'm soo sleepy! confused

Talk to you later! mrgreen

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