Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little samedi update

Samedi is Saturday in French. mrgreen I stayed home all morning and afternoon because I was waiting for a call from The sister who was at The Parent's home for the weekend but she was busy, shopping for her upcoming wedding so we weren't able to hook up for coffee BUT we talked on the phone.

The Young Priest knocked at my door around 17h10, I was shocked to see him early (he was suppose to pick me up around 18h10) but he needed to use my Internet connection and he showed me pictures from his trip In Holy Land. And we went to mass, he was the one celebrating it. I hadn't been to mass since Ash Wednesday (like a month ago) . It was alright, I lite up a votive candle for Vixen and for SW. The candle is burning on The Virgin Mary's altar (this picture was not taken today but the votive candle I lite was on this altar, it's beautiful?)

After mass, we stopped at the grocery store, I needed to buy some stuff because I had not much to eat at home. I bought veggies for a cabbage soup, meat I'll cook tomorrow and lots of diet coke, because it was on sale. Buy 2 /12 packs, get one free. mrgreen

I got home, unpacked the grocery, and started my cabbage soup. I had to cut all the veggies and finished the preparation and it started to cook. By the time I'm writing this, the soup is in the fridge ready to be eaten tomorrow. I had 1 2 bowls to taste it and make sure it was good and it's delicious.

I have already changed few clocks because we are switching time during the night.Remember to turn your clocks an hour ahead tonight if your area participates in Daylight Saving Time. It starts earlier now than it used to.

I need to sleep, I'm in a good mood. Tomorrow is going to be peaceful and I'll be cooking and cleaning.

How about you? smile


chikku said...

feel lke drinking a soup....hmmmm...yeah...time changed for us too, but we came to know it only after we woke up ion the sad...i slept till 11am just to find out when i woke up that it was actualluy 12... :(...i loved the mother mary pic u have added there.

chikku :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'd share my soup with you if you were closer. :)

I woke up at 11h53 AM because I had night terrors and until early this morning (around 6 am) when the sleep became restful. :)

I'm glad you loved the Mary picture. It's inside of the church I attend.