Friday, March 7, 2008

Good grief, I feel like I'm a rebel

Cuz I'm not writing that often and it's not because I don't have time but I've been keeping myself busy with the books. I've also been trying to get out of the house and get up earlier in the morning to feel "normal" again. So I set the alarm in the morning for 9 am weekdays even if I don't have something to do.

I had a long talk with The Friendly Boss (TFB) last night and I need to work on something, I need to work on the way I react to a specific power trippin' person. I only control myself, I can't make the person change, it's just not realistic. I only have control over me. mrgreen The talk made me feel better, it was helpful, it was an eye opener. I'm going to use my intelligence and my strength to deal with Mr.Power Trippin' (MPT). I'm also going to work on all those little things we discussed and next time I've got to deal with MPT, I'll update Psst, I know I'm very vague but even if I have not much respect for MPT, I will not refer to him with a nick name that could make him identifiable.

I needed new shoes for this spring, school and everything and wasn't really willing to pay full price even for Hush Puppies. I got a great great deal on those just because they are from last season, I don't care, the new model looks almost the same. I love, love them. They'll be great everyday shoes and they're chic and cute.

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and it's freaking snowing again. Plus The Sister will call me tomorrow, she's at The Parent's house for the weekend, I hope we'll be able to have coffee together. I have not seen her since January 1st, she doesn't live in our area, she is far far away.

Hope you guys are doing good. Update me!

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