Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tagged by Chaucerian girl

Jehara tagged me but because the book I was reading was in French, I declined but now Chaucerian girl tagged me too for the same meme, so here Am I doing it. smile

You're supposed to grab the book nearest you, randomly open it and write the first five sentences.

The book nearest me is "Le goût du bonheur, Florent" by Marie Laberge .

I opened it to page 223 and here's 5 lines:

"Laissez-la entrer."

Le chagrin ne va pas bien à Marguerite Morin; elle a les yeux rouges et bouffis, la bouche triste et son rouge à lèvres a tendance a effiler. Comme toujours, la vue des bouches trop fardées lève le coeur d'Adélaïde. Elle reste à son bureau et elle fait asseoir sa visiteuse face à elle, sans l'inviter au coin salon.

I'm tagging everyone who wants to play.


chikku said...

wow!!!i understood rverything!!!,,,,errrr,,...not a thing...anywqaz...i liked t n im playin it too.... hey...hope u r havin a great time..


No Nonsense Girl said...

Ha HA HA!!!!

Have a great Sunday! :)

chikku said... up with this...

chikku :)

jehara said...

thanks for playing! i like that passage. but then i think almost everything sounds better in french, haha

CQ said...

If there's one language that I will someday learn, it will be French! :o)

No Nonsense Girl said...

CQ: you are right, french is beautiful... :)