Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guess who's working tomorrow?

Yeah, I am... I made the choice tho. Something came up, I was asked and decided that I'm professional enough to know when I need to be at work and when I can take a day off without feeling guilty. I would have had felt guilty because my presence is important and you know what? It's totally something I feel comfortable with, I love the company I work for. mrgreen

We received a lot of news today also, good ones, changes that will take place in 2008. smile It was a long but good day.

Anyway, tomorrow is freaking Friday!!! That's absolutely magnificent!!! I can't believe it! lol

I called The Friendly Boss tonight to chat, I wanted to tell someone about my day, I wanted to tell someone all the details about the job, changes, blah blah blah. mrgreen This guy knows me very well and I can tell him anything and everything, so that's what I called. It's very nice to have someone you can share with and who can advise you if it's needed, that's very helpful to me... There is something about talking that brings a feeling of freedom, you know what I mean? confused

That's my day, I still need to do many thing and would just like to be in bed. lol I'd like to make biscottis to bring at work (they almost ate 'em all) but fuck, I'm too tired! lol

I'd like to blog about some weirdo called Lady Grippette but fuck, I'm sure she is lonely enough to start trolling my blog. The woman is from my province and sings on freaking YouTube, but HAS no talent. She sounds like a cat being killed, it's terrible. It's being discussed by blogger at the moment but fuck, I almost don't wanna get into that debate. The girl obviously has too much time on her hands and will troll my blog! lol What the heck ever!!!

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jehara said...

you crack me up. i love reading you. have a good day tomorrow. i know what you mean about work. i would have said yes too.