Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farking Insomina!

And I only have myself to blame! lol I think I drank 12 farking coffee and I'm soo boosted I can't sleep. I've been playing on my new Ipod since I got home after It would be really funny if I didn't had a meeting to go to at 9h00 in the morning, I'll be there no worries, I'll just be damned tired because of my lack of sleep and I can only blame myself for this. Fark, fark, fark!

I had breakfast with my artist friend this morning Hey you!!! ::waves::: and then I was went to set up someone's wireless Internet connection. It's working but it took me two hours because I was a real blonde this afternoon. mrgreen I'm a brunette but I've been having lots and lots of blonde moments. No offense to blondes, The Sisters are both naturals blondes with blue eyes and I physically inherited from The Mother's side. Thank God lol I'd tell you guys how much of an idiot I was when I set the wireless network up. lol But then I'd have to kill you. lol

The people I installed the network for don't know it took so long because I was an idiot and still think I rock and I'm the bestest and nicest person. No way in hell I'll tell them. I have got a reputation to preserve yanno.

I met with The Mother for a late afternoon coffee, then went for coffees this evening with The Young Priest and The Tall Friend joined us. mrgreen We had very deep discussions, in regards to The Roman Catholic Church and faith, and changes we wish for and it was very nice.

I got a prezzie from one of The Sister today, she sent me her old Ipod Nano 2 Gig, its working well. I had a RCA Lyra MP3 player and I'm paying it forward by donating it to The Tall Friend and The New Blogger for one of the kiddos. smile I also got a great school bag from TTF's work. mrgreen

Oh, speaking of which, I spoke with the lady in charge of The Program and she told me the beginning of the course was postponed to the end of April.

I'm also listening to Tchaikovsky violin concerto in D major. I miss playing violin, how I wished I was able to start again. I miss the amazing feeling of freedom coming from playing, such a great escape.


chikku said...

Hi... so u play violin.Its good to handy with some instrumrnts.Violin is one of the toughest to learn rite..I love the feel of it.I used to play the instrument Veena.Its one of the most frequent and kind of sacred instrument used in Indian music.It was good when i used to play that.Its been long since i played it.

Vixen said...

You made me laugh so hard several times. I would tell you which, but then I would have to kill you. Sounds like you might have had too much coffee! Lucky you about the Ipod.

Happy Wednesday, sweetie.