Monday, February 18, 2008

My interview for the college program is coming

I received a call this morning. I have an interview Friday morning at 8h50. mrgreen That's awesome. I can't wait! I hope to God to be accepted by the college.

I had a good weekend, on Friday night, The Passionate One and I went for beers at a bistrot and it was nice and on Saturday, I went with The New Blogger (TNB) to a sport event with the kiddos and we all had dinner and then spent the evening chatting.

I'm enjoying myself wearing my jammies this morning. I'm going to a conference this afternoon at TNB's workplace. I'm listening to Woman by Shawn Phillips, how freaking great is the song? mrgreen I have nauseas but I don't understand where this is coming from... I'm not sick or pregnant. redface That's for sure! lol

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