Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Sunday update

As to answer CQ' and Jenny's question. What degree will I take in college?

The degree I'm planning on taking is Bilingual Management, Accounting and Office Automation.

That's the one I'm going to be scheduled for an interview before the end of febuary.

If I don't get it, there's one that looks a little more interesting and it's Bilingual Office management. It includes the same classes as the previous one but about 300 more hours of management classes. That was my favorite one but I just couldn't see myself wait until August when the classes would start. But I would have like the management classes because I see myself in some type on manager position one day. We shall see...

Where I'm from, College is different that University. It's 2 different systems. There's pre-university programs in college like humanities, sciences and litterature. The others are mostly technical college degree. Nursing, all type of physical therapist, medical technician, Accounting technician, Administrative technician and so on. In University you get a Bac or a Master degree or an Doctorat. Does it make any sense? After you graduate from college you either have a DEC (Diploma of College Studies) or an AEC (Attestation of College Studies)

Cross your fingers for me? I don't have a problem with the bilingual part but in my area, people who speak both french and english are on demand. mrgreen I can't wait!!!!!

I had a quiet weekend, rest, relaxed a lot. I'm okay and sleepy!!!!!!

Hope everyone is well! mrgreen

BTW, the email I sent the company I interviewed for on Thursday must have been received because they didn't contact me on Friday. They are on the Sunday paper because the job hasn't been filled yet. (NOT my problem) wink


Nap Warden said...

Good luck to you!

Vixen said...

You explained that very well. Good luck getting into the earlier program, if that is what you want, but it sounds like you are more into the second one? God will choose what is best I suppose. We had a wonderful weekend here, the sun finally shining. I put some pictures I took up (artsy stuff), let me know what you think.

Have a good Monday.

Izzybella said...

Okay, thanks for explaining. Still sounds awesome and I have my fingers crossed for you!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks my favorite web designer. :)

Vixen: I'm sure I'll love both programs, the one wth more management seemed more interesting but you know? I'll be happy in both!!!!

I visited you and hope everyone will, the pictures are gorgeous.

Izzy: Thanks a lot girl!!!!! :)

julia said...

'2000 Very cold street
God forsaken Canada'

LOL!! Good to hear about your plans for the bilingual management studies. You can't lose with that.

The Gal Herself said...

I had a very quiet weekend, too! I didn't get dressed until NOON on Sunday (don't think I've been that lazy since I was in junior high)! I think low stress days give us an important opportunity to replenish and refresh ourselves. You have had an awful lot on your mind lately, so it was probably especially important for you. We want you feeling at your best as you begin this new chapter!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Julia: It's true, it is soo cold here... brrrr ;) It is God forsaken canada!!! Ha Ha HA

It's true, that program seems like a keeper! :D

The Gal: I'm happy to hear you got some good rest this weekend.

Have a great day!!!! :)

Joubarbe said...

I'm thinking of you... I went skiing yesterday and I had fun. I will begin my litterature lesson soon...I will be taking classes too. good luck for this week.