Monday, November 19, 2007

Thoughts on freedom and random stuff!

I was talking with a friend of mine on the phone when I got home from work I actually ate while on the phone... We were talking about freedom among other things. The freedom to be ourselves, the freedom of knowing who we are and knowing
what we want, what we are worth, what are deal breakers in our life.

Why do some people sell themselves short to others? Why are some people insecure to the point of staying in bad relationship? I'm talking about people around us who have been through a lot and didn't understand the lesson, didn't learn from their mistakes and keep on selling themselves short to others.

I would like to have someone in my life but not at any cost. No fucking way!!! My intimacy, my boundaries are important. I will never put someone else ahead of me, I did it, wasn't worth it. lemme tell you, it was a real disaster...

So, have you learned to respect and love yourself? Would you compromise yourself for some love or companionship? Are you willing to let someone walk all over you? I am not and I think it's a damn good thing. My freedom matters more than anything...My freedom of being myself, of being happy, of doing whatever the hell I want... smile

Life's not an easy road but it's a damn fine one. mrgreen On this, I had a great day at work, things were good, I hate Mondays because it's hard to get back in "working" mood after 2 days off but I survived. I always do.

I got very aggravated at the hair salon company that sold my hairdresser a flat iron this fall. The Piece Of Shit has never been working good, yesterday, it broke...confused I called my hair dresser this afternoon (she was sorry), she'll take it back next Monday and the company people will look at it and decide if it's my fault. I don't want an exchange, it is under warranty. I want the piece of shit gone and my money back. Hairdresser said they wouldn't reimburse and it would be long. I told her not to worry, I'll bring it back to her this week but meanwhile, I got a new one, a Gama one. It works great and it's going to give me what I want. If the hair salon company exchanges my old one for a new one, I'll take it and sell it. The POS was 80$, they didn't give it to me. So the new one cost over 130$ but at least it is working and if anything's wrong, I can deal with the store people directly. The hair salon doesn't deal with clients, they deal with hairdressers only.

WTF??? If I treated my clients like this company treated me, Big Multinational Company would fire me right away! They wouldn't keep someone who pisses off clients who pay for a product. Believe me, I won't even try it. The client is always right, even if he's wrong, he's right! Anyone who work for a in the public knows this and even more in a corporate environment, especially there.

Anyway, Miss No Nonsense girl, semi addicted to the computer said TFB on the phone tonight, he said he was joking , I'm not addicted but I do love the computer and Internet a whole freaking lot. mrgreen He's right on this!!! Anyway, I'm tired, I'm sleepy!!! I need to rest!!!

If any of you guys want to share about freedom and stuff, it'd be interesting!!!

PS: Sorry for the rambling If you lived with me, it'd be worse! wink


Izzybella said...

I completely agree. I would rather be alone than married or otherwise committed to someone who doesn't value/respect me or in general just treats me like crap. I have enough living behind me now to know what the dealbreakers are.

Re: the flat-iron. I used to work HR for a beauty supply distributor and we always took the product back even if the manufacturer wouldn't. The question is whether your salon will refund you. There's a significant mark-up from the distributor to the salon to the patron (you), so it may actually be the salon management not wanting to lose the money from the sale. Stupid way to do business, though, I agree.

Sometimes I miss that job even though the pay was horrible. I got all that kind of stuff at cost. Nice benefit. Luckily, a friend still picks up my Paul Mitchell sculpting foam at cost, so at least I still have that!

Vixen said...

you are pretty smart for such a young girl :)

Some people learn slower than others and life lessons don't help them much.

Hope your hair remains flat all day!LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

Sorry about the flat iron. I hate that. That's why I don't buy apple products - no ipods in this house. They break and are crappy.

I'm glad you are still liking your job! :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm glad to read this.. I'm also glad that others are like this in 2007. Know the dealbreakers and aren't wiling to compromise on the most important stuff for them. ***hugs***

I'M starting to be pissed off, it may be the markup... my hair dresser has her own salon and she hasn't even offered to refund me, she puts the blame on the biiegr place that sells to her.. (what the fuck ever) If that's what it is, it rings like *get a new place girl* to me. I hate bad customer service. I despise it...

I wish I could get products at cost. :-S Yeah, I can dream!!!! ;)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Vixen: Thanks, I was a young girl when face with these lessons. Luckily for me, I learned and finally got a grip and learned to value what I believe in, what matters to me, I learned to love *ME*.

Some people never learn, that's the pathetic side of this.. :-S

They did remain flat all day... ;)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Claudia? You honestly hate apple products??? :::picks up jaws from the floor ;) :::

Yeah, I like it. It's not easy, it's a lot of work but it's awesome!!!