Friday, October 19, 2007

Enjoying life...

Yeah, that's what I'm doing and also trying to finish everything before Monday because i won't have much free time. I finished installing the windows insulation kit this morning. All windows are done.

No one replied to my request for a boyfriend, so the hell with all of it, I did it myself and even took the garbage out. TFB and I did laugh wed night when he said that if someone replied and said they were interested , they'd be pathetic and kinda creepy. Like a man who posted an add for "a girlfriend to cook him dinner and do the laundry, nothing else, no sex, nothing" would get one... We giggle thinking about this. lol

I went to get books at the public library this afternoon and I'm watching my friend's kids tonight. mrgreen I love the So I'm going to play auntie tonight, the monkeys warm my heart, they are adorable, both of them. :::heart:::

Tomorrow? Grocery shopping and cooking, dis is crazy. Big Multinational Company has a place for the employee to eat, microwave but no cafeteria or machines, so it's bring your own lunch and it's not close to anything, you can't just run to the store so I'll cook lunch and freeze the for each lunch and buy yogurts, apple sauce snack. Anyway, tomorrow is food shopping and food preparation and Sunday is the last cruise ship in town. TFB, SW and I will be there ALL day.

I'm doing good, still very very happy about everything, I can't wait for Monday!!! mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

What are your plans for the weekend? cool


Open Grove Claudia said...

YEA for a happy day! I hope the weekend is equally as enjoyable.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks a lot Claudia, so far it's well. :) Hope yours is good too!!!