Saturday, November 24, 2007

Random stuff from from the weekend

Saturday night, 21h23 as I'm writing this, I'm on my couch in my jammies, cozy and relaxed.mrgreen I honestly couldn't wish for anything better. I've spend the evening last night at home, chilling, doing nothing except watch TV, be on the net and read. The week was good but tiresome (is that a word?) I finished my 5Th week at Big Multinational Company and I love it. I feel independent now and I still have plenty to learn but things couldn't be better because it's going well. Coworkers are nice, helpful, funny, we're a team. I love what I do and I'm good at it. wink My trainer is great (The Cute Friend), yeah, I'm working with a friend, and it is awesome.

So today I got up around 10h00, had breakfast then met with The Mother at The Mall in Bigger City. smile We had coffee, shopped, had a nice time. I had an appointment with the eye doctor at 15h00, it'd been close to 2 years since my last. The eye doctor was nice, I picked up new glasses and I can't wait to get the call to pick 'em up. This was a new clinic for me because my regular one wouldn't give me an appointment for evening or weekend in the next weeks. Screw that, I wanted one fast. So the new clinic will be mine as of today.

I bought O the Oprah Magazine for the first time, I hesitated between this one and People. lol

I got home for dinner and cooked for the next week, I'm very structured eh? lol Someone at work said he admired my structure and dedication to follow whatever I believe and it's true that I am a committed person to follow my goals. smile

For what it's worth, I realise that I have been less stressed in the past month that I was in the last year. This new job is really positive for me. I am not so tense and I have less symptoms of stress-related thingies. (acid reflux, stomach ache and other things) This is just great!!!

Next weekend is gonna be busy, on Saturday I have a Christmas party, my department at work is getting reunited at The Cute Friend's house for a dinner and an evening. On Sunday, it's the parishioner's annual meeting and the election for the church council. I'm running for the one of the position available (2 seats are available at the moment) and be the only woman on the council at the moment. It would be with TFB, AF, The Tall Friend, The Retiree and other great men that I've just never blogged about. Wish me luck !!!

So that's my weekend, I've got some plans for next week and I plan to visit my friends so get ready for my visit to your fantastic blogs!!! BTW is any of my reader wants me to link then in my blogroll, drop me a note and I'll add ya! mrgreen


Vixen said...

Good luck on the election! I am really glad your stress level has gone down so much with the new job! Have a great Sunday! I will talk to you again soon, sweetie.

No Nonsense Girl said...

thanks girl!!! I'm really happy the stress has gone down, it improves my life quality...

Hope your sunday is good!!! :) See you soon!