Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soo excited that I can't sleep...

lol Yup, roll your eyes all you want, all you can. I can't freaking sleep, I'm way too happy. I'm over thinking this because my brain can't shut down. Jeez, I just put water in the thingy to make myself a herbal tea to relax. mrgreen

I was in bed tossing and turning! lol But I know I've got every right to be that happy. This changes everything, this job offers stability, long-term, not temporary, not as long as we can scrape money, no, this changes everything.

The "good night" tea is infusing in my mug as we speak. Hopefully this will calm me down and help me sleep. God, I'm so happy, thank you, thank you, thank you. smile Tomorrow, if it works with them, I'll go by TFB and SW's house, I'll show them my contract, chat and enjoy this happiness with people who've helped me tremendously for a long time.

::does the happy dance::: mrgreen

Totally off/topic but I learned today that fishy died on Saturday, I think he just never recuperated from the lack of oxygen. Sucks that I was a part of what led to his death huh Poor fishy, poor friend who took him. sad Just wanted to let you guys know the news. confused Spiderman is doing well, happy, alive, being taken care by his new family. SW isn't a fish killer!


Vixen said...

Sorry about Fishy. But glad you are so excited!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Vixen,

I went to mass this afternoon after my shopping spree and thought of you and the job interview. :)

I'm very very happy! :)