Thursday, October 11, 2007

As of thursday october 11th 2007

I haven't heard anything from Big Multinational Company but that's okay, I'm good at waiting. lol I have kept busy today and yesterday, helped a friend with some translation work. Which was very nice to do. So tomorrow I'll just relax, act like I'm on vacation. mrgreen

On Saturday, TYP and other friends are going to attend a mass where our friend, The Seminarian is going to do the homily (because he's studying to become a catholic priest) and we are going to show him our support. smile I know you are reading this, so give me a call if you want to do something tomorrow night. mrgreen

So Fishy is at my friend's house, he's hopefully going to thrive soon. Sweet Wife's (SW) fish, who's new name is Spiderman is at our friend's SIL's house. My former fish doesn't have a name I think.confused While we wait to know his name, we'll keep on referring to him as Fishy ok? lol Thanks to friend's SIL for adopting Spiderman.

So all is good, everyone around me is good but I'd like to know how you guys are doing? Whacha going to do tomorrow? TGIF!!!! cool

Prayers, thoughts, vibes, whatever for the job please! smile


Anonymous said...

I would like to do something tomorrow night! I'll call you or call me.

My homely is not quite ready. I'll work on it tomorrow and sathurday morning.

The Seminarian

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No Nonsense Girl said...

The Seminarian,

I'm glad you found a way to post a comment!

I'll call you during the day (I'm home waiting for a phone call anyway) LOL!!!

Your homely is going to be awesome, we already all know it! :)

And about the mayor, let me just give you a big "Whatever"!!! But you at least made me laugh out loud!!!

The Gal Herself said...

If the Big Multinational Company decides they don't want you, then they don't deserve you! Of course, it's still very possible that they're going to call you back. I'm glad you're good at waiting. I'm not at all patient, I wouldn't be able to relax the way you do.

No Nonsense Girl said...

The Gal herself: I'm not worried at all, this company takes it's time. I will not be worried before friday the 19. They've said 2 week, they may need two weeks.

But you are right, if they decided that they didn't want me, it'd be their loss. But I'm not worried at all.

I'm able to relax because I've let go. TFB who's like my mentor told me to wait, be confident and patient and I trust this person totally.

So yeah, I'm working my patience, my faith and my act of letting go. As they say "let go and let God". I can't do more. I have faith that the best will happen.

I can't wait to hear from them, may it be positive or negative but because of what TFB said and because of his experience in these things, I keep the hope and faith. :)