Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I would have stories to tell

But I don't want to do it because I don't want to reveal anything related to the industry I'm working for. For confidential reasons... But my day was very very good, I love the person training me, she's great and I wanna go in the morning because I feel happy there...

So instead I'll tell you a parish story from tonight.

We were all taking down the exhibit this evening... The Friendly Boss, Sweet Wife, Administrative Friend (husband of Cute Friend), The Tall Friend and his wife ( my adorable friend) and 3 other members of the church council.

I totally dropped a statue of an angel and broke it's wings and neck. rolleyes It didn't have an historical value but for fuck's sake, I wasn't happy at all. Someone will fix it but i wish it didn't happen...anyway...

Overheard at The Church while going downstairs...TFB and I were carrying a heavy table...

Me: Be careful, it's heavy, we should check each other's hole...(referring to the hole on each side of us, the table holes not our assholes)

TFB: lol hysterically laughs his ass off and the guys around are just laughing at me...lol

You can bet your ass that they told me the rest of the evening, "I'm checking your hole eh! lol" " Are you checking mine?" lol "Girl, ya can't see my hole!!!"

I was just rolling my eyes at them and laughing.... These guys and girl are he bestest!!! I love each of them with my whole heart, they are all adorable and sweetheart and generous, kind, I love them. smile

SW, if you knew her, you just just love her too... She's a real mommy, a beautiful woman, with a BIG heart, a beautiful soul. I mean that she is a friend and a mommy to me and I love that...smile She takes care of those around her, she cares, loves, protect, she is caring.

So we, as a team finished everything and it was fast. mrgreen Thanks guys, I love love you!!!!!


Joyismygoal said...

i left you a surprise on my blog

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks Joy!!!You are great!!!!