Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Being at home's a strange thing huh?

For me it is, I'm so used of being at work Monday-Friday that I can't seem to put myself in a "weekend mode". lol Sleep in late, stay in my pajamas ALL day, do nothing.

I was up at 7h25 this morning and that by itself is an odd thing because I love sleeping late, worked on putting together the addresses for the "Thank You letters" that TFB and I are sending our partners in the project that we just finished. This was all done and ready a little after 8 AM, I called the girls at The Parish's office to ask if I could come, print them, take envelopes, stamps and mail them. So I was at The Office around 8h45, did my things and left around 9h15. smile

I decided to stop and have breakfast at small chain place and read the newspaper and ta dam!!! There was a little article announcing the closing mass of The Parish Anniversary coming this weekend. I was thrilled because it's difficult to get the media's attention when you aren't promoting Sex, Sports or Scandals. I was happy my private emails with the journalist worked out. mrgreen

That's about it, I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon so I've gotta go to Bigger Town and back here because there's a meeting of the parish committee this evening! smile

Still waiting to hear from Big Multinational Company, they did call my friend and co-worker The Passionnate One this morning to ask questions about me because she was one of my references (I gave three).

Keep the good thoughts, positive vibes, prayers my way. They are still needed. mrgreen


Open Grove Claudia said...

Well hurray! Good for you. I don't have to be in an office but still get up at 5:30 am. I go to the gym, drink copious cups of coffee and enjoy the quiet before life takes off. Maybe you're developing new habits! :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks Claudia!

Maybe I am developing new healty habits! Like getting up for the sake of being up, enjoying a bit of calmness. Yeah, I did read on your blog how much you exercice. I admire you but I can't see myself do it again. I use to be a jogger, everyday I'd run 2-3 miles, back in my college days. It empowered me! Maybe I need to think of doing it again huh?


Have a wonderful day!