Monday, October 1, 2007

The internet's a powerful thing eh?

Thanks to Claudia who inspired me, I bought lingerie this afternoon. lol It's her damn TT's fault. I was at The Shopping mall and stopped at Lingerie Store and bought sexy panties for ME. mrgreen So my dear, no one but my doctor will see them freaking celibacy ( I happen to have an appt tomorrow). wink Thank you Claudia, It really made me feel pretty, sexy, confident and beautiful. mrgreen

Other than that I bought dressed boots for winter, they are black suede boots. I have walking boots but needed something to wear with dressed pants and skirts. Also because of SW (who bought a new purse yesterday), I got a new one too. ( it was on sale), I also picked up 2 hats for my friend's daughter. I wasn't able to decide which one to get so I bought the 2 sets with mittens. I mailed them from the mall, you should have them by Friday. What else, what else? I did get a little something at my favorite store.

That's it, I'm home, doin' laundry and chillin'. mrgreen Whatcha doing?


Open Grove Claudia said...

Yippee! Nice panties. Although, I'm a bit confused.

Do you have an appointment with the Doctor?

Or do you have an appointment to end your celibacy??

One might be much more fun than the other, so I just wondered....

No Nonsense Girl said...

LOL!!! Yeah, my post could have been confusing.

I have an appointment with my doctor, a GP but I'm due for my pap test. So she'll see my panties. ;)

I won't end my celibacy soon, the last one was, well lets say, had a lot in common with some members of your family. (from your blog's entry) I may email you about this one day.

I'm not opposed to putting an end to my celibacy, I just need to find someone worthy of me doing so. I do enjoy looking at cute guys and dreaming of "This part is self-censored". ;)

Thanks for the inspiration to buy lingerie. :grin: