Saturday, September 22, 2007

Update on the cutie pie working on the cruise ship

He didn't come by BUT he send me visitors (I guess he was on duty today). Few groups of visitors told me that "Cutie pie from the cruise ship" told them to come to The Church that that the girl (Me) was nice and the best. They said "He spoke highly of you".redface I actually blushed! lol

So that's it, no picture of him, altho TFB was ready to try to take one from him (with his permission) but no such luck. Didn't matter, I was glad that he liked his visit enough to recommend passengers to stop by The Church. That in itself is a blessing!!!

That was my update!!! Just because I know few of you replied to my TT . smile

I just gave the link of my blog to a friend, I hope he likes it. mrgreen Hello friend!!! Let me know OK?


Mr. Devereux said...

Well I like your blog. Its my first time here, and you are an interesting lady for sure! I look forward to reading you in the future.....

No Nonsense girl said...

Thanks Ethan,

I read your blog last night and I can say the same, I have enjoyed the stories!