Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Saturday night and

and I'm just totally relaxing. I swear weekends were created for people who work M-F to relax, clean their home and sleep. lol Yup, I only went out today (without makeup on eek) to return empty cases of beer. rolleyes I was cleaning my place, vacuuming and wanted to de-clutter, anyway, they had been drank were empty.

I'm going to The Restaurant with TFB and SW, we're meeting around 11h45am/ 12h00 PM , the first one to arrive gets to wait for a table. lol A friend invited me to go to mass with her at 11AM because TYP is presiding but I already told her that I didn't wanted to go get up and that I was meeting with people around quarter to 12 PM. (which is totally true, I feel cheap not to go) but I often feel cheap when I choose to do something for myself and someone already told me I feel way too guilty for too many things that aren't worthy of me being stuck in guilt.

This week I'll be praying for TYP who is leaving his annual retreat, if you pray, keep him in yours. If you need prayers drop me a comment or an email I'll gladly oblige. mrgreen

What is everyone doing? Do you have any routine with people you like? IE: going out every week at the same place, meeting or speaking on the phone. Picking up your favorite magazine every week etc. I'm a routine girl, I don't mind new things and change but when I'm happy and comfortable in something, I keep on doing it until I want or have to change. I'm not a very impulsive person.


jehara said...

sometimes i wish i had a routine like that. it looks so nice on tv. but no. not me. i a girl on the fly. as much as i don't have a routine or a schedule i find that i really thrive when i have one. so i am constantly trying to adhere to one or come up with one that is adherable, but to no avail. my life is full of conundrums such as these. :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

And that's fine for you! :) I'm a routine type of person and I like it. If my plans change I don't freak out but I like to have plans in advance... I wish I was nore a girl on the fly. ;) See we are never happy 100% with what we are...