Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stories from today

I actually did stuff today, surprising huh? lol

I had to place a call at 10h30 to know if we were going to do this today, turned out that it was postponed to Tuesday which is fine. So at 10h34, I look at the clock and think "I could go to mass,fuck shoot, it starts at 11h00, it's 9 mins away from here, I'm in my jammies, fuck shoot, OK, lets get ready". I made it in time, looked okay I guess. Many friends were there, TYP was the one presiding the celebration, it was beautiful and funny, TYP's homely are always interesting.

I begged few friends to go at The Restaurant for brunch, my usual partners had their kids at home so I preferred to let them be together, because you know, family time is important. smile So finally 2 parishioners that I'm not close to but kinda like (the guy is sweet and fun, she, on the other hand is kinda slow and very gossipy and you know how I feel about gossip) and it was okay. I went for a long walk along the water, stopped by a friend's house because he had computer troubles and stayed there for dinner.

I'm now very happy at home. mrgreen I met with The Historian this afternoon and we talked a bit.

Tomorrow is a holiday! That's freaking good, it means I'll sleep in!!!! mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

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